Photo Gallery

The ZAWebs dynamic photo gallery enables you the client to upload your photos to your website by yourself using the control panel we provide.

This not only provides interest and information to visitors to your site but, in certain lines of business, can be used as a marketing tool.  Imagine having guests/clients at your business and, before they leave, you show them their photos already on your website.  This increases the chance that they will immediately start sending SMS's to their families and friends, thereby increasing exposure of your site.

For an example go to  On the menu on the left click on Gallery.  When it opens the first thing you will see is that you can choose a category.  If you have a large business it can be very useful to break up your photos into categories and even sub-categories.  On the other hand, if you need only a small gallery you do not have to have any categories at all.

Click on the category Sports.  A number of different albums relating to different sports now appears.  You can create as many albums are you need.

Click on the album Sanesa Horse Riding.  All the photos in that album now appear as thumbnails.  You can now click on the first (or any other) thumbnail and it will open in Shadowbox.  You can then page through all the photos in that album using the controls at the bottom right of the photo.

Read more about Shadowbox.

Google Map

In most businesses it is useful for the potential client to know where you are and how to get there.  A static (picture) map is of some use but is limited by its inability to zoom in or out as needed.  It is, however, possible to embed a Google map into your website that offers all the advantages of Google maps with a bit extra for you.

For an example go to  Near the bottom of the page you will find the Google map.  You will see that it functions exactly like the Google map website.  Using the controls at the top left corner you can zoom in and out and, using the mouse, you can drag the map around.

But the special feature is in the window above the balloon showing your location.  This will show how to get to you or how to get somewhere else from your place.  Try this: in the address box type in "12 Monmouth Street, Port Elizabeth" and click on Get Directions.  A new window opens with a map showing the route.  The two green balloons "A" and "B" indicate the start and destination points respectively.  You can still zoom in and out of this map and use the mouse to drag it.

On the left of this new window is a detailed step by step description of the route.

If you are familiar with how Google works you can embed such a map yourself if you have a dynamic site with a content management system.  If you have a static site or do not have the necessary skills, we can embed such a map for you at a charge.

Custom Map

There are sometimes particular circumstances where places can not be found on Google maps or where they do not show important information for getting to the client such as farm tracks or limitations of access.  In such cases a custom map can be useful.

Go to for an example.  This client in the Baviaanskloof can only be approached from the East by 4x4 due to the state of the road.  As large distances on dirt roads are involved the stage distances are also a help to visitors.


A slideshow displays a sequence of still photographs to enhance the variety of a webpage by showing more photos than would ordinarily fit on the page.

For an example of a slideshow go to  The photos at the top are a slideshow.

The price of a slideshow is affected by its size (the number of photos to be included).  On our content management (dynamic) websites, site owners can create their own slideshows.


Shadowbox is a feature that enables the visitor to your website to click on a photo and see it enlarged while the rest of the site is shadowed out.  He can then page through all the photos on that webpage in the enlarged view without having to open and close each one by using the controls at the bottom right of the photo.

For an example of Shadowbox, visit and click on any of the photos.

The cost of Shadowbox depends on the number of photos to be included.

Flash Movie

A Flash movie is an alternative to a slideshow which enables more elaborate effects to be used.  This can be either graphics or photos or a mixture of the two.

For two examples see and

Online Booking Form

In general, we tend to deprecate the use of forms these days for a variety of reasons but if your requirements demand it ZAWebs can provide a standard booking form as per the example at the bottom of the following page

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