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ZAWebs, located in Port Elizabeth is a Proud Certified Google Adwords Partner. We have been setting up Google Adwords for businesses of various sizes and in various industries, including accommodation, hunting, psychology, BEE certification, purchasing and selling of used vehicles, etc...  

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Why Advertise on the Internet?

(Images and information obtained from the Google Adwords Partner website)

Internet use is growing at such a rate that it's marketing potential can no longer be ignored.  The graph below confirms that the time spent on Computers and Smart Phones are now exceeding that of TV.


Daily Media showing that internet usage via TV and Mobile is consulted more that the TV  

How can I Advertise on the Internet? 

We presume that you already have a website and that it has been properly designed and optimised so that it enjoys a good ranking on the primary Search Engines.

If this is not the case you might want to also look at our Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation pages.

If you do meet the basic criteria mentioned in the first paragraph and you need more exposure you should consider spending some of your marketing budget on a "Pay per Click" advertising campaign.

We found that the best results come from the Google Adwords Campaign - the reason is obvious - Google is the biggest single source of internet searches and advertising and therfore has the biggest potential.

What are Google Adwords?

 Google Adwords are paid for listings that show on Google's Search Results Page.  They are the adverts that appear in the top 4 positions and the last 3 positions of Google's Search Engine Result Page.  

The ZAWebs approach to Google Adwords

We are all for relevance!  Keeping your Google Adwords campaign relevant and focused towards your market is of the utmost importance to us.  We use various factors to ensure that your Google Adwords Campaign will reach its desired market.  This leads to reduced costs and higher return on investment.

The three key benefits of Google Adwords are Reach, Relevance and Return on Investment (ROI).


Google Adwords searches and reach


Google Adwords Relevance

Return on Investment

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